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Gem County is home to the Emmett City Cherry Festival and many other local events. Surrounding the prominent Squaw Butte, Gem County spans from Letha to Sweet, and Freezeout Hill to Ola and beyond. The scenic Payette River, fed by Squaw Creek, meanders through the County. Emmett is the county seat, located at the head of the “Valley of Plenty”. The area is known for its orchards, historic landmarks, the Black Canyon Reservoir, and much more!


A Message from the Idaho State Tax Commission

The solar eclipse is a few weeks away and will bring many visitors to Idaho. The Idaho State Tax Commission needs your help to spread the word about taxes that apply if Idahoans sell or rent out during the eclipse festivities. Many folks don’t know they need to collect and submit Idaho taxes when they sell goods or rent out their properties, even if it’s for only one day.

The Tax Commission has created a special solar eclipse webpage at tax.idaho.gov/eclipse that gives examples of when Idahoans should charge tax and what taxes apply. The Tax Commission has also created a Solar Eclipse Flyer that you can print for reference or hand out.

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