Code Enforcement


General Enforcement Process
Complaints are resolved through the following process or steps:

Filing a Complaint:

Gem County residents may file a complaint either verbally, or in writing, with the
Code Enforcement Officer (complaint form).  The complaint must identify the
property owner, location of the property and suspected ordinance violation.


The Code Enforcement Officer will proceed with a routine investigation within 10
business days from receipt of the complaint.  He will verify the alleged violation
 and research information regarding the case.

If no violations are found, the complainant is notified and no further action is

Violation Identified:

If a violation is confirmed, the property owner will be notified in person, or by written notice,
describing the violation and options available to abate the problem.  They will be
given a specific time-frame in which to complete the violation.

Failure to Respond:

The property owner, and/or tenant, will be given a specific timeframe in which to
either correct the violation or start the abatement process. If the property
owner, and/or tenant, fails to do so within the allotted timeframe, they may be
issued a criminal misdemeanor citation or be prosecuted through other legal


Q:  What is a Criminal Misdemeanor Citation?

A:  A Criminal Misdemeanor Citation is a uniform citation that is personally served upon
the owner, and/or tenant, by the Code Enforcement Officer.  Once the citation is issued,
the case is immediately turned over to the County Prosecutor’s Office.

Q:  As a complainant, am I allowed to receive updates on the
violation and clean-up process?

A:  Yes.  You may contact the Code Enforcement Officer at any time for an
update on the complaint or violation.

Q:  How long will the abatement process last?

A:  It depends on the violation and/or the size of the clean-up. Gem County tries
to work with its citizens if they are truly making an effort to correct the
violation. It can take as little as a couple of weeks or as long as several months. 
The Code Enforcement Officer will closely monitor the abatement process
to ensure the violation is brought into compliance in the allotted time given.

Q:  What defines a public nuisance?

A:  The complete description for public nuisance can be found in the Gem County Ordinances (Title 4) at the link below.




The Gem County Development Services Department is responsible for
enforcement of five (5) different sections of Gem County Code

1.    GCC Title 4-5:  Public Nuisance

2.    GCC Title 9:     Building Regulations

3.    GCC Title 11:   Zoning Regulations

4.    GCC Title 12:   Subdivision Regulations

5.    GCC Title 13:   Flood Control

All of these Codes may be read by clicking on the following link:
Gem County Code