Directory (personnel)

Click a name to email that person. Unless otherwise noted, address is 415 E Main and hours are 8am-5pm M-F.

Assessor 208-365-2982
Rick Johnston County Assessor
Hollie Ann Strang Chief Deputy
Danielle Linville Deputy Assessor
Tracie Reed Appraiser Cert:912
Sharron Wiley Appraiser Cert:1048
Jeff Kovaleski Appraiser Cert:1147
John Henderson Mapping Technician
Auto License 208-365-2171
412 E 1st St. 8am-5pm M-F
Cherie Rolland Auto License Clerk
Debbie Reyes Auto License Clerk
Darla Siebler Auto License Clerk
Clerk 208-365-4561
Shelly Tilton Clerk-Auditor-Recorder
Leandra Rountree Chief Deputy
Sissy Stewart Recorder
Lorna McGowan Auditor/HR
Sarah Wald Welfare Director
Ellen Pitcairn Elections/Passports
Julie Bruce Elections
Marie Miller Assistant
Board of County Commissioners
Mark Rekow 208-477-2017
Bill Butticci 208-477-2018
Bryan Elliott 208-477-2019
Coroner 208-365-4491
Court 208-365-4221
Court Fax #: 208-365-6172
Esma Oribio Deputy Clerk
Laura Dodson Deputy Clerk
Rachel Quenzer Deputy Clerk
Rebecca Flowers Deputy Clerk
Melani Nebeker
Stacy Brown
Development Services 208-365-5144
109 S McKinley Ave 8am-5pm M,T,Th,F
9am-5pm W
Jennifer Kharrl Director
Michelle Barron Coordinator
Vince Lombardo Building Official
Larry Robertson Code Enforcement
Emergency Services 208-365-3684
330 E Main EMS Building
Rick Welch Director/Fire Chief
Anita Taylor Emergency Manager
Michele Sherrer Public Information Officer
Fairgrounds 208-365-6828
PO Box 443 8:30-5pm T-F
Debbie Lawrence Manager
RV Park 208-365-6363
Landfill 208-365-2604
Road & Bridge 208-365-3305
402 N Hayes Call for Hours
Neal Capps Road/Bridge Director
Sheriff 208-365-3521
410 E 1st St Fax 477-2217
Chuck Rolland County Sheriff
Donnie Wunder Chief Deputy
208-477-2029 7am-5pm M-Th
Capt. Dave Timony Investigator
208-477-2025 7am-5pm M-Th
Jason McIntosh Detective
208-477-2034 7am-5pm M-Th
Lt. Katie Rolland Jail Commander
208-365-4484 Jail 24/7
Lt. Lisa Resinkin Dispatch
208-365-3521 7am-5pm M-Th
Edith Jones Civil Division
208-365-4483 7am-5pm M-F
Laurie Vaughn Drivers’ License
208-365-3524 7am-5pm M-F
MaryAnn Hanson Records
208-477-2028 7am-5pm M-F
Don Mackey SILD
208-477-2028 7am-4pm Fri+Sat
Treasurer 208-365-3272
Megan Keene County Treasurer
Paola Ayala Deputy Treasurer
Marie Miller Deputy Treasurer
Weed Dept. 208-365-4201
Jake Wyant Superintendent
Christy Moen Secretary
Information Technology 208-789-3188
Wade Ray IT Support Supervisor